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What my clients say…

Meet Amy Harrison

“Right from the start, Shana asked me to establish goals for our time together. Through her questions and insights, she helped me to put all the thinking I had done around my business into actual goals. This was incredibly helpful because we broke down each goal into actionable steps and she held me accountable to accomplish those steps prior to each session. I’m amazed at what we were able to accomplish in just five sessions.

Shana is driven by a desire to help people and this is at the heart of her coaching style. Through her guidance, she helped me to draw my own conclusions about my career path. She never actually told me what to do, but rather worked with me to answer my own questions. I don’t know how she does it!

Working with Shana is like having a really good therapist for your business. I could see myself consulting her in the future as I continue to evolve in my career.”

Meet Nicola Terrazas

“Shana is amazing. I love working with her. She is extremely personable and professional. She made me feel so at ease from our very first conversation. I love that she challenged me each week because I needed a swift kick to get out of my comfort zone. Every session was actionable and I have learned so much in a short period. She offers great advise as well as wonderful resources that has helped me throughout my process.

I’m look forward to continue working with Shana to further develop my business goals as well as my career.”

Meet Crystal Riggins

“I was made for cooking, from creation to the plate, however, I lacked confidence. Then in comes Shana’s coaching, After about 5 weeks with her, it has been one of the most intense, eye-opening experiences of my life.

Not only does Shana have a complete, orderly and comprehensive grasp on how to help you jump-start getting your business or desires off the ground she cares about you. Because of this, her coaching removes the gray area between you and your growth. This is accomplished by her taking an interest not just in your business, life or career but in you as well, with her in-depth, thought-provoking and sometimes tough love sessions she will motivate you to seek the knowledge that will keep you focused and passionate about your dream!”

The life you’ve dreamed of is waiting for you. 

The question is…Are you ready?

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