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Episode 3: Meet Your Host, Shana

Episode 3: Meet Your Host, Shana

It would be no fun at all to tune into Her Life by Design Podcast once a week and have no idea who is speaking to you, so today’s episode is a brief intro to me, your host, Shana. This is my coming out party of sorts. I’m much more comfortable being the drummer in the band, and letting the lead singer do their thing. Welp! It’s time for me to step up a bit, and share some of this sunshine.

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Episode 2: 5 Steps to Designing Your Kick-Ass Life

Episode 2: 5 Steps to Designing Your Kick-Ass Life

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Episode 1: You are Your First Yes, Validation is for Parking!

Episode 1: You are Your First Yes, Validation is for Parking!

SAY WHHHHHATTT? Oh yea, I have definitely created a podcast! I’m super excited and I hope you are as well. This is going to be so fun and empowering, with a dose of real, and encouragement wrapped in love. While this podcast is a new venture for me, this chick is no stranger to creating and sharing content thanks to the work that I do with ThinkLearnEngage.

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